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Zealot – “Organic EP”

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First real piece of Graphic Design for my boys at Shift Records. Release for Zealot called Organic EP. Boh Boh!



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stupid cool. Here’s the original size. 1280×1024

The High-Water Mark

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I don’t know what it is, about that perfect moment in time and space when music, pictures, humor and the right amount of booze come together, but it makes life seem so remarkably perfect. I only hope I can carry this kind of jubilance throughout my entire life.



Take two and pass

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This is just so fucking classic. Love it. I wish hip hop was like it used to be in the Guru/Premier days…

Album Art Project

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This is my 3rd design project for my design class. CD Album Cover…we also did a back and inside but those aren’t nearly exciting enough to post up. I’ll keep it simple and go with the front cover only.

My Blog sucks now

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I need a camera so I can document things…people like pictures. I’m missing out on the DnB Battle Seattle finals tonight so I can stay home and crank out this CD Cover/Booklet design project. Oh well. I’ll have a fun little post once it’s all finished.

I partied out in North Bend for the night and wasn’t asleep till 4:00am. Good times at the dive bar, then to the mansion on the hills with the in-ground trampoline…Man that shit tires me out when I’m drunk. Good thing I was able to launch the Bernese Mountain Dog off of the trampoline! I win! Anyway the picture is of the weird cat that decided to spend the night with me…slept like this ALL night.

Big week in review

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Not sure where to start. Haven’t posted lately…things have been crazy and I’ve been a million places at once…none of which have been my apartment.

Started out with the big DnB night at the Baltic Room. You can see that review below, no need to go into details.

Wed. was supposed to be a chill night before the madness that ensued on Thursday…but that didn’t happen at all. Wasn’t asleep till about 6:00am and the highlighter all over my hands and arm are evidence that something beautiful happened that night.

Thursday went off great. I started out by getting to Trinity before it had gotten completely dark. Shared a beer with Surpass and watched Houston take back game 6 and tie up the series with the Lakers. Sublo finally showed up and they went about their business dropping some seriously hot tracks. I definitely have to point out that Sublo dropped some seriously good Grime. Big up! I’ll have that recorded Surpass vs Sublo set here very soon. Bounced around the corner to LSC and caught Lukki and Aksion dropping some hot tunes, including Borgore – “Love” which always makes the crowd go wild. WHEALY DEALY!! Then finished the night off with a street dog and some serious flyering…watched Macro chase a car down to no avail. Win some, lose some!

Friday was the big fuckin things! As usual it was a seriously packed show for Shift featuring 12th Planet. Lukki was on before and really blew shit up again for a second night in a row. That guy has serious energy behind the decks. Love it. 12th Planet decided that his shit was so good that he’d keep going and going and going past 2:00am…we took off for the after-party without him! The after-party was amazing. Perfect atmosphere and perfect people…not to mention one killer pad! Big up Rian! Oh…and if anyone finds a newer iPhone, CB lost it at the after-party!! I’ve been through a few myself, not good times.

As for now, I’m completely busted from our final soccer game today. 4-0 win and I came home with a couple of wicked nice scars. 110% for 90 minutes.

Signing off for now…more pictures to come soon…