Hodgi done did it!

Just got home from Hodgi’s first booked set @ Baltic Room. He opened with Surpass for Infiltrata. This was a big night tonight. I have a page full of jibberish that I’d like to call notes but I’m not sure if they can be properly translated to make any sort of sense.

Let’s see here…how about some bullet points for the night…

—Open tables, then Hodgi went on and smoothed things out with some vocal influenced DnB
—Surpass went on and dropped it like somethin was hot
—Infiltra jumped on with his badass American Dream Team Tee and threw down big time
—$1 Miller High Lifes all night. Yet Steve and Adam insisted on Red Stripes…Hooray Beer!
—Surpass could barely dance proper with his broke ass kickboxing foot!
—Watched some hustler get the hammer brought down by Seattles finest
—Learned the history of weed dating back to 2,500 BC apparently
—Encountered the constant flush urinal that wouldn’t stop
—Bruce Willis was just trying to cause some trouble!!
—The vibe of the entire night…safe as fuck! Can’t wait for Thursday, Friday and Saturday!!!!

Picture for the night…
Fuck 3 lanes closed on I-5!!!


4 Responses to “Hodgi done did it!”

  1. lol @ surpass w/his broke ass foot.
    glad you were there. good times. pizza ftw

  2. my foot feels better today, but it did not stop me from having a kick ass time anyway. You’ll have to inform me on some of that weed history someday my friend….nice one on starting the blog!

  3. starkbot Says:

    Yeah I forgot to add Jammin to sweet 80’s music and eating Pizza!!

  4. http://www.sendspace.com/file/qge3o5
    surpass and sublo @ trinity

    here is the link to dl our set from thursday night!

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