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Back again. In Budva now.

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Dobar dan (good day),

Well we have made it from Dubrovnik to Budva now. On the way we hit Herceg Novi which didnt go over so well but we managed to shack up in a hotel to take the edge off. Lets just say that traveling that much after 20 hours of flights and 3 hours of sleep each night doesnt bode well with ones body.

We decided to take off the next day out of Herceg Novi and we got to Kotor early in the morning. Kotor was absolutely gorgeous and we managed a 200m hike to the top of the Sveti Ivan fortress where we got some amazing pictures of the Bay of Kotor.

We hung around there and got some food then caught a bus out to Budva which is where we are now. Looks like we will try and find a couple more nice park benches to sleep on tonight (which is what we did in Dubrovnik on the water).

Not much else to say really. If we had more time on this internet cafe computer Id probably post pictures on the blog, but for those of you who have access to mine or Ians facebook, the pictures will be up there!

Živjeli (cheers),



I made it!

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running out of internet cafe time…flew in to Sarajevo without a hitch…lost my debit card right away, gotta get one shipped in ugh.

Took a super late night bus to Mostar then to Dubrovnik and now we’re chillin here. Waiting to meet up with some new friends.

Will be checking in soon!

peace out dawgs


Ready to Roll

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Final rent, electrical and cleaning fees are paid. Credit/debit cards setup for international travel. Bag is 90% packed. Moving furniture out of the apartment tomorrow…then I’ll be gone…

I haven’t heard from the traveling man yet since my last post. I can only assume it’s been too damn crazy to get to some sort of internet cafe. I’m hoping everything is going ok with his travels and that he makes it to Sarajevo in time to meet me!

I also would like to mention that I had a killer time last night (thurs night) @ Rukus seeing most of the Shift crew before I take off. I was a tad dissapointed with how my flyer turned out in physical form, but it’s only my first!

See you on the flip side


Balkans – Hvar

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Email from the man himself…pictures to follow…

“I’ve been hanging out in Hvar for the past few days, it’s quite nice here. Like I said, a bit of a tourist trap with a ton of rich people and stuff, but the scenery and towns are spectacular.

I ended up sleeping in a park a bit outside the town two nights ago, but it was super uncomfortable and a ton of people kept walking by (this place has a crazy nightlife). I knew of a camp ground a little outside the city, so I packed up my stuff and headed there at about midnight. It was quite a walk, and by the time I got there there was nobody around (sort of to be expected), so I slept on the beach, then checked in the next morning. So I was finally able to sleep somewhere real (my sleeping bag without my Thermarest, hehe), I slept for about 12 hours. Anyhow, I’m leaving Hvar tonight for Korčula, another island fairly nearby. I met this Ukrainian girl here on Hvar who is pretty interesting, she’s an incredible violin player (which she does for money here on the streets).

After Hvar I plan on taking the bus/ferry to Dubrovnik, then out to Mljet island, then back up to Mostar/Sarajevo where I’ll meet Taylor (with a Thermarest he purchased for me, phew).

With that being said, I’ll get to Facebook and post up some pictures. Stay tuned!


Balkans – Belgrade to Zagreb

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A pleasant little update…looks like I gotta shell out for a Thermarest for my travel-troubled pal.

“So I ended up finding my bag at the Belgrade airport yesterday. It was relatively painless aside from me having to stay in Belgrade an extra day and wait for it. Since that happened I decided to skip Novi Sad which would have been my next stop and go straight to Zagreb (which is where I am now). I’ll probably make a day-trip to Novi Sad when I’m actually spending time in Belgrade toward the end of my trip.

I found my bag at the airport sans-Thermarest also, must have fallen out somewhere :(. (Taylor, can you do me a solid and pick me up a Thermarest and bring it to me in Sarajevo? I’m definitely gonna need one for Montenegro.) With that being said, I’m generally trying to stick to hostels or railroad stations/parks for sleeping, although the latter two are particularly uncomfortable without my Thermarest.

Anyhow, Zagreb is a pretty cool city, a lot like Vienna, but with less hostels. Due to that restriction, I’m just spending a bit of the day here (got in at about 0500 and I’m taking off at 1550). I’m taking the train to Split this afternoon and I plan on staying there (and on the surrounding islands) for a good chunk of time.

So that’s about it, I should be spending the next 8 days or so on the islands of the Dalmation coast, then running up into Bosnia to meet Taylor, then back down to Dubrovnik, then into Montenegro.

I’ll keep you guys updated as to my status fairly frequently.

P.S. deep-fried filo dough and cheese makes you feel like you’re going to die when eaten early in the morning.”

Here are some pictures as well!!!

Krug Dvojke

Sign at hostel in Belgrade

Me being sweaty and dirty

You should have known. 🙂 …Zagreb

Waiting for a long time at the train station in Zagreb.

Balkans Log – 1.0

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Here’s an email Ian sent out this morning around 9:00am our time…he left for Belgrade Wed. morning. I’ll be leaving to meet him in Sarajevo on the 27th (which means I’ll be in Sarajevo on the 28th).

“Hey guys, just got into Belgrade a bit ago. Unfortunately I missed my connection from Paris due to customs being crazy, so then I went through this total clusterfuck to get the ticket replaced (a Croatian woman was in the same boat, so we dealt with it together). I ended up getting on a later flight after much trouble, but as I suspected, my luggage didn’t make it through OK.

My original plan was to go to Novi Sad immediately upon arrival in Belgrade, but instead I have to stay here and wait for my pack (hopefully tomorrow). I stumbled into town and found a pretty cool hostel which I plan on staying the night at.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes tomorrow.”

So there you have it, things have started out with a bang…or lost luggage, whichever sounds better. Hopefully I can make it out there without any luggage problems. Although I do recall Ian having major issues with the ticket company concerning his flight times and what not.

Looks like the great american dream has begun and there’s nothing holding us back at this point…stay tuned…


Art on!

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Go download the full 320 Lukki Mix at

So sick! Finally getting some of my design out n’ about!

Here’s an itty bitty sample of what the final album artwork looks like…