Balkans Log – 1.0

Here’s an email Ian sent out this morning around 9:00am our time…he left for Belgrade Wed. morning. I’ll be leaving to meet him in Sarajevo on the 27th (which means I’ll be in Sarajevo on the 28th).

“Hey guys, just got into Belgrade a bit ago. Unfortunately I missed my connection from Paris due to customs being crazy, so then I went through this total clusterfuck to get the ticket replaced (a Croatian woman was in the same boat, so we dealt with it together). I ended up getting on a later flight after much trouble, but as I suspected, my luggage didn’t make it through OK.

My original plan was to go to Novi Sad immediately upon arrival in Belgrade, but instead I have to stay here and wait for my pack (hopefully tomorrow). I stumbled into town and found a pretty cool hostel which I plan on staying the night at.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes tomorrow.”

So there you have it, things have started out with a bang…or lost luggage, whichever sounds better. Hopefully I can make it out there without any luggage problems. Although I do recall Ian having major issues with the ticket company concerning his flight times and what not.

Looks like the great american dream has begun and there’s nothing holding us back at this point…stay tuned…



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