Balkans – Belgrade to Zagreb

A pleasant little update…looks like I gotta shell out for a Thermarest for my travel-troubled pal.

“So I ended up finding my bag at the Belgrade airport yesterday. It was relatively painless aside from me having to stay in Belgrade an extra day and wait for it. Since that happened I decided to skip Novi Sad which would have been my next stop and go straight to Zagreb (which is where I am now). I’ll probably make a day-trip to Novi Sad when I’m actually spending time in Belgrade toward the end of my trip.

I found my bag at the airport sans-Thermarest also, must have fallen out somewhere :(. (Taylor, can you do me a solid and pick me up a Thermarest and bring it to me in Sarajevo? I’m definitely gonna need one for Montenegro.) With that being said, I’m generally trying to stick to hostels or railroad stations/parks for sleeping, although the latter two are particularly uncomfortable without my Thermarest.

Anyhow, Zagreb is a pretty cool city, a lot like Vienna, but with less hostels. Due to that restriction, I’m just spending a bit of the day here (got in at about 0500 and I’m taking off at 1550). I’m taking the train to Split this afternoon and I plan on staying there (and on the surrounding islands) for a good chunk of time.

So that’s about it, I should be spending the next 8 days or so on the islands of the Dalmation coast, then running up into Bosnia to meet Taylor, then back down to Dubrovnik, then into Montenegro.

I’ll keep you guys updated as to my status fairly frequently.

P.S. deep-fried filo dough and cheese makes you feel like you’re going to die when eaten early in the morning.”

Here are some pictures as well!!!

Krug Dvojke

Sign at hostel in Belgrade

Me being sweaty and dirty

You should have known. 🙂 …Zagreb

Waiting for a long time at the train station in Zagreb.


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