Balkans – Hvar

Email from the man himself…pictures to follow…

“I’ve been hanging out in Hvar for the past few days, it’s quite nice here. Like I said, a bit of a tourist trap with a ton of rich people and stuff, but the scenery and towns are spectacular.

I ended up sleeping in a park a bit outside the town two nights ago, but it was super uncomfortable and a ton of people kept walking by (this place has a crazy nightlife). I knew of a camp ground a little outside the city, so I packed up my stuff and headed there at about midnight. It was quite a walk, and by the time I got there there was nobody around (sort of to be expected), so I slept on the beach, then checked in the next morning. So I was finally able to sleep somewhere real (my sleeping bag without my Thermarest, hehe), I slept for about 12 hours. Anyhow, I’m leaving Hvar tonight for Korčula, another island fairly nearby. I met this Ukrainian girl here on Hvar who is pretty interesting, she’s an incredible violin player (which she does for money here on the streets).

After Hvar I plan on taking the bus/ferry to Dubrovnik, then out to Mljet island, then back up to Mostar/Sarajevo where I’ll meet Taylor (with a Thermarest he purchased for me, phew).

With that being said, I’ll get to Facebook and post up some pictures. Stay tuned!



One Response to “Balkans – Hvar”

  1. Awesome. Stay warm, stay safe brotha!

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