Back again. In Budva now.

Dobar dan (good day),

Well we have made it from Dubrovnik to Budva now. On the way we hit Herceg Novi which didnt go over so well but we managed to shack up in a hotel to take the edge off. Lets just say that traveling that much after 20 hours of flights and 3 hours of sleep each night doesnt bode well with ones body.

We decided to take off the next day out of Herceg Novi and we got to Kotor early in the morning. Kotor was absolutely gorgeous and we managed a 200m hike to the top of the Sveti Ivan fortress where we got some amazing pictures of the Bay of Kotor.

We hung around there and got some food then caught a bus out to Budva which is where we are now. Looks like we will try and find a couple more nice park benches to sleep on tonight (which is what we did in Dubrovnik on the water).

Not much else to say really. If we had more time on this internet cafe computer Id probably post pictures on the blog, but for those of you who have access to mine or Ians facebook, the pictures will be up there!

Živjeli (cheers),



One Response to “Back again. In Budva now.”

  1. Yew made it! No debit card, eh? That kitty cat might be looking a little appetizing right about now. ew. Can’t wait to hear more.

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