Stranded Update

So we’ve spent over two weeks in the lovely Petrovac Na Moru, Montenegro. As nice as this old fishing village turned mild tourist spot is, it’s extremely frustrating waiting and waiting for my debit card to arrive here. I lost my card at the beginning of our trip, and due to our sleeping on benches in Croatia and backpacking through the mountains of Montenegro, we didn’t have much time to wait around to get my card shipped. Alas we reached Petrovac and thought our troubles would be over. No such luck. BECU has taken over two weeks to get my card sent here. Apparently it should have been here today…or tomorrow…

So it’s been two weeks of eating outrageous amounts of good food, drinking way too many bottles of wine and 2L bottles of beer and lounging in cafe’s and on the beach. It’s all great fun no doubt, but Ian and myself can’t wait to get back on the road and on the move once again. That’s where things will get exciting.

We plan on high-tailing it out of here and making our way to Albania as soon as possible. We’ll go through Ulcinj on the southern tip of Montenegro’s coast. From there we’ll take a bus to Tirana which is the capitol city of Albania. We’ll make our way to the Ionian Coast of Albania (near the Greek island of Corfu). From there we’ll head through Ohrid and Skopje in Macedonia (Skopje being the capitol city). Then to Sofia in Bulgaria and to Bucharest in Romania. Both of which are the capitol cities. Then we’ll make our final stop in Belgrade, Serbia. We’ll finish things of here with a bit of sightseeing and bar-hopping (supposedly there’s a foosball table at one of these joints, go team America!).

As for now that’s about all I can give you. Picture uploading is being a serious pain in the ass at this particular internet cafe so we’ll save those for a later date. I’ll try to include pictures with my next update. And you all know you can catch pictures on facebook as well.



One Response to “Stranded Update”

  1. Nice one, man…Looks amazing, urrbody misses you fools!

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