Foam Party

Ian and I arrived in Belgrade on the 11th after a couple of very long train rides out to Bucharest and then to Belgrade. We’ve managed to find a very kick ass hostel and ended up sleeping on the floor, on our pads, for much cheaper than a bed.

We arrived at the hostel just in time to join everyone for a BBQ on a river in the middle of nowhere. We met up with some local Serbs who lived in the village and grilled the most meat I’ve ever seen in one place. Many drinks were consumed whilst trying to communicate via hand signals and broken english with the Serbs. They loved Ian because he’s Serbian and spoke the language and they loved me for what was apparently a brotherhood because I’m part American Indian.

We’ll be headed out tonight for some sort of epic weekly foam party here in Belgrade. Word on the street is that it gets completely mental.

I look forward to my train to Budapest and flight to London coming up as well.




One Response to “Foam Party”

  1. Lady Godiva Says:

    In the medieval Serb kingdoms, the name Ian was commonly given to the male successors in the Nemanjić dynasty.

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