London Design Festival

Well after sleeping in a mini-cab stand for my first night in London, I think I’ve recovered quite nicely. I couldn’t get a hold of my first contact here in London when I arrived here on the 17th Sep at 1:00am. I had to walk to find a 24 hour joint to ask for a place to sleep. The first place I found was a mini-cab stand, and they were very helpful and I’m grateful they were so nice about it all. Thanks to Kahn Baba for feeding me fruit and doughnuts and letting me sleep on his tiny ass chairs!

The London Design Festival is in full swing this week. This was amazing timing as far as my trip is concerned. There are hundreds of exhbits, features, talks and lectures going on this week over the entire greater London area. I took a short day yesterday and checked out a couple of small things. I have much bigger things planned for Wed. and Thurs. Unfortunately today the tube experienced a fire of some sort so getting to where I want to go would be a pain in the ass. So I’ll take today to take care of a few more important things.

This was the Thomas Heatherwick exhibit. It’s the world’s first continuous, single piece of furniture extruded by machine. The exhibition included five completely different, polished, aluminum benches that were made to stand alone without fixtures/fittings. They were also, quite obviously, created by the worlds largest extrusion machine.

Very cool typography used outside of the exhibit.

The longest of the five benches. Amazing work. Simplicity is king!

Edge detail on the back/bottom side of one bench. The U-joint on the bottom presumably hooks into the extrusion machine.

I found a few gems that I wasn’t expecting as well. I ran into the Levis x Original Fake callabo “teeth” jeans exhibit. KAWS (owner of Original Fake) being one of my top Artists/designers this was a real treat. I also ran into crazy-styled designer Jeremy Scott and his Adidas pop-up store. This place was intense and very well designed for such a tiny little space. I especially liked his triple-tongue neon kicks. Pictures to follow.


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