I always feel like I want to start one of these with some convoluted revelation about the world and what’s around me. No need to go into that now, I think. I realize now that I have an insane gift. A gift that allows thoughts to (usually) seamlessly translate from mind to medium. It also becomes more and more apparent that with every step I take in the direction of artistic creativity, I only get better and better. The funny thing about all of this is that I’m not really even that amazing in my own eyes. Until just recently I thought I was on a crash course with disaster trying to pursue an artistic career. My final thought is conveyed perfectly through the quote on my info page. Stop trying to be someone you’re not and embrace what it is that makes you complete as human being. It can be so many different things, but when the right people tap into the right thing…miracles happen. Simple as that. Goodnight world.


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