SHIFT007 Out Today!!

SHIFT007 12″ Release, Today May 17, 2010. Click Here To Buy.

SHIFT007 kicks off with Chi’s “Get Up”, featuring the mighty Armanni Reign, Philadelphia’s own lyrical mastermind. Famous in the electronic world for his DnB, (Mason’s Ruff, Rugged and Raw, and Trust’s “P.H.I.L.L.Y.” are just 2 of many anthems he has graced) he shows us once again why he is the top Stateside MC. Built for the floor, this one delivers without resorting to screechy wobbles or fart sounds. Chi flexes his production skills for his vinyl debut and shows us why he is one of the rising stars in US Dubstep.

B1 features a “Get Up” remix by Seattle’s own Dubtek, a dirty, growling, and ominous take on the future classic- staying true to the flavor of the original while taking on a more moody, dramatic feel.
Finishing off the latest offering from the Shift camp is Surpass’ “Eight Ball”, a rolling monster of a tune with familiar Hip-Hop samples(plus another cheeky one, for which you’re welcome), a big bad bassline and a gut-wrenching kick. Keep an eye out- there is much more to be seen from this promising Seattle Producer.


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